Covad is a Global Capacity brand focused on the delivery of business broadband services.

Full Service Business Internet

The total business connectivity solution for sending and receiving large files, and running mission critical applications.

Since 1997, Covad has been delivering DSL broadband designed especially for small and mid-sized businesses. Our connectivity solutions balance competitive pricing with the performance, features, and room to grow that your business needs.

  • Superior value - Business Internet delivers high performance, features, and quality of service at very competitive prices.
  • Business-class reliability - Get fast, dependable Internet through our nationwide MPLS network, backed by strong service quality commitments.
  • Support you can count on - All services include 24x7x365 support.
  • Room to grow - Options and speeds that can be easily upgraded as your business grows.

Every business has unique needs. Whether you're a small business that wants the simplicity and competitive pricing of a broadband solution that can meet a variety of upload and download requirements, or a company that wants the guaranteed performance of dedicated internet services backed by service level agreements, we’ve got the business product you need.

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